11 enero 2011

5 Blog Designs GIVEAWAY!!!

Hi everyone! I recently opened my New Business of Blog Design so Im offering 5 FREE Blog Designs or Blog Makeovers. This could be for You, a friend or family.

Here the steps:

1.- You most write a BLOG POST about "Artemisa Blogs & Web" in a comment on your Blog and Blog Frog Profile & Community {if you have one}
2.- Your blog(s) must have been established for 3 months or more and have at least 50 followers each if you have more
3.- Post can be about this giveaway, about my services, about "Artemisa Blogs & Web" in general, about blog designs, my freebies, tutorials, etc... as long as it links to artemisablogs.blogspot.com
4.- Add as a Follower in "Artemisa Blogs & Web"
5.- Click on "Me gusta" {I like it} in the facebook box
6.- Paste the URL of your BLOG POST about "Artemisa Blogs & Web" in a comment on the facebook site

The Blog Design Package you'll win:

Irlandes Professional  
{$250 USD value}
  • Header
  • Background
  • Footer
  • 2 or 3 Columns
  • Text/Borders/Links match Color
  • Instalation
  • Sidebar Title Background
  • Post divider
  • Signature
  • Menu Bar {text only} {drop dowbn or image Menu bar also available for $50}
  • Blog Button w/Code
***Do not include any Digital Kit or ulustration from iStockphoto {you have to buy it by your self}

I will pick up to 5 WINNERS and I'll  post it on Monday January 31th at my Blog Frog Community and Artemisa Blogs & Web Site.

13 comentarios:

Glenda Cates dijo...

I think this is so kind of you to offer. I would Love to have a Blog Makeover on Anglicious Gifts and More into a book blog but I would much rather have others who can not afford to do a Makeover get these. Although I can not either I do have a Blog which is more than some people. You can see it at http://www.AngliciousGiftsandMore.blogspot.com I wish I had called it Mommies Tyme Out and made it for Author Challenges and Books but when I started out I did not know about Book Tours and now I do and it just does not fit. I wish you the best and I will be following your Blog and Thanks, again for offering this to the Bloggers out there.

Tree dijo...

GORGEOUS designs!! I also do blog design and just redid mine, but this is a great giveaway! I'm sure there will be plenty that will take you up on your offer! I'm following you now from BlogFrog. I speak some spanish, but not enough to read all of your blog LOL, do you have a translator anywhere on here? I couldn't find one. Thanks and good luck!

Artemisa Janeth dijo...

Hi Glenda!!! Than You so much for you comment, Im here for you and everyone who wants to share with me. If you want the giveaway you'te more than welcome. Even if you want to make a new blog. Or if you know someone who need this recomend it please!!!

Artemisa Janeth dijo...

Hi Tree!!! Thank You so much. Im working in my English Blog, so I let you know about it here and in my Blog Frog Community...

Caroline dijo...

This would be so awesome, I really need this.
I have had my blog for 1 1/2 years. I have over 50 followers. I like you on Facebook. I follow your blog. I posted here about your blog and giveaway http://ohpicklesmommy.blogspot.com/2011/01/blog-design-giveaway_13.html

I am excited!


Jillian dijo...

I did it all:) http://itallbeganwithamaninablackjeep.blogspot.com/2011/01/blog-design-giveaway.html

my email: maninablackjeep@gmail.com

Artemisa Janeth dijo...

Hey Jillian!!! Thanks for participatedm your in the lisT!!! I let oyu know the Results!!!

*Nikki* dijo...

thank you thank you thank you for this amazing give away..i have been hoping something like this would come along for me!!
i did all the requirements and posted my blog post on your facebook page!!!
thanks so much!!
i hope i win one!!

Sarafan2 dijo...

I entered your fabulous giveaway. I absolutely love your blog. Is this win for a spanish design or english? Glad I stopped by for a visit. Thanks for the great giveaway.


Artemisa Janeth dijo...

Hi Sara! Thank you to stopped by. the Giveaway is for a Spanish or English Design. It doesnt matter. I'll make bolth. I`ll be gladd to have you in the winner list. Thanks

Artemisa Janeth dijo...
Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.
Peggy dijo...

I love your designs ,so colorful and different! I posted about your wonderful giveaway
I have also posted to FB ,and #4,5

Artemisa Janeth dijo...

Hi Peg! Thanks for the post is great and so cool. I love your blog is so fun. I´ll let Yo know the Winners by Monday night. Have a nice day!!!

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